Brick Repointing & Repairs

We handle all aspects of brickwork repairs and repointing, including tuck pointing, lime mortar pointing at whatever height. Whether it’s on the outside of the building or the inside, we can access it to repair it.

Using skilled rope access abseilers, we start at the top and abseil down the building getting to the ‘hard to reach’ areas where other companies find access difficult, so we can repair or repoint all your brickwork whichever part of the building needs it.

What’s more, our team isn’t just a group of abseilers who enjoy doing commercial work; we are all certified professionals in the industry, and every one of us is trained to IRATA standards and we are all skilled in the building trades first.

Brick re-pointing is an example of this; we can do this whatever and wherever your brickwork needs attention; we will repoint or replace them as necessary, or even make bricks to match the existing wall,  as well as fix structural faults and cracks.

Compared to other methods of carrying out high access brickwork, there are several benefits to using rope access for brick re-pointing and repairs.

The first is that it is simply the most cost effective option; because there are no requirements for scaffolding, heavy equipment or lifts, a rope access company has lower overheads and those savings can be passed onto you.

In addition, there are minimal hazards for your employees or customers to walk around, because our abseiling technicians only bring the ropes and the tools and equipment we actually use.

Call us on 0800 433 4788 for your brickwork repointing and repairs.