Exterior Building Cleaning

Exterior building cleaning can be done more quickly and efficiently by our team of trained commercial abseilers than using other access methods like scaffolding; and as the building gets higher, rope access becomes the only viable way to get your building exterior cleaned.

The traditional way of cleaning the outside of a building is by erecting scaffolding or using a ‘cherrypicker’ to lift the cleaners to a certain height. This involves additional expense and there are limitations as to the height they can reach in any case.

Modern buildings may have gantries already fitted but increasingly, tall buildings are being constructed which are far from ‘square and straight’ and an alternative solution is needed for cleaning the exterior.

Exterior Building Cleaning by Rope Access is the Answer

With rope access, our trained and certified abseilers come in with only the amount of equipment that they can carry. We descend from the top down and can go wherever the rope allows us to clean the entire building as required. There are no scaffold poles or large items of equipment to block pavements or parking spaces.

Rope Access is a cost effective method that gets the job done quickly. We use high pressure cleaning equipment for the outside and all you’ll notice are just a few technicians anchored on ropes, taking care of everything you need – safely and efficiently!

Regardless of whether your building exterior needs a refresh or a complete and thorough clean, we can get it looking the way that it should be.

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to get your building exterior clean!