Eyebolt Installation & Testing

Globe Rope Access are fully qualified for carrying out the installation and testing of the eyebolts on your building to HSE and LOLER standards.

Eyebolt installations are necessary on high rise or tall buildings for window cleaning crews, or industrial abseilers to anchor their ropes and attach themselves to a building to carry out work at height such as concrete repairs, building painting, stone cleaning and so on.

Safe Eyebolt Installation is Essential

The safety of eyebolts is critical to make sure that there are no accidents on your building. Eyebolts are usually installed directly into brickwork, concrete or even steelwork. It’s what our rope access technicians use to attach the anchors and ropes that allow them to abseil down the building to perform their work.

If you already have eyebolts installed, it’s important that they are tested periodically to stay within regulations. This ensures that no matter which rope access company you choose for your window washing or repairs, they are harnessing onto an eyebolt that is safe.

When you utilise rope access for the maintenance on your building, the eyebolts need to be tested and certified every six months unless it’s being installed as part of a fall arrest system (see below).

Eyebolts can be made from galvanized, powder coated or stainless steel materials; having more eyebolts around the building ensures that the abseiling teams don’t need to traverse great distances, keeping their range of movement vertical, making it easier to carry out any specific work on the building, from cleaning to concrete repairs, painting or anything else.

Safety is the number one concern of every rope access company. Eyebolts are what keep us anchored to the building at the end of the day, so there’s no better choice than Globe Rope Access to test, inspect and install eyebolts because we put our lives in them each and every day.

Whether you need eyebolts installed, tested or simply need an inspection, we can easily provide it to you.

Fall Arrest Safety Systems

The key difference between a Fall Arrest System and general eyebolt installation is the type of usage expected.

A ‘Fall Arrest’ eyebolt installation is to save the worker in the event of a fall from height on ONE occasion (after which it will be replaced in accordance with HSE and LOLER standards) whereas general rope access eyebolts are used regularly by rope access technicians.

The standard of installation is the same, but the inspection period is 12 months for a Fall Arrest installation, instead of 6 months for a regular rope access eyebolt test.

For a full eyebolt test specification, visit The Work at Height Safety Association: Guidance Notes

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