Exterior Building Maintenance

Maintaining the ‘difficult access’ areas of your building exterior is a challenge most building managers will face at some point. Thankfully, there is now the option of using a trained and professional rope access company. Regardless of the type of maintenance or repair work that you need carried out, our IRATA certified team of rope access abseilers can assist.

One of our particular areas of expertise is in concrete inspection, testing and concrete repair; we are seeing a lot of buildings, originally constructed in the 60’s and 70’s using re-inforced concrete beams, which are now showing significant signs of concrete damage and corrosion. This will ultimately affect the structural integrity and could  be dangerous.

Invariably these areas are either high up or difficult to access from the ground, and a rope access company such as Globe Rope Access has the expertise and technical skills to address this problem.

As commercial abseilers, we also cover a wide range of general building maintenance services from window cleaning to gutter repairs to brickwork repointing or a birdproofing installation; even minor jobs like masticking and unblocking downpipes.

Please see the list on the right for a full range of rope access services, Anywhere you think it’s difficult to get to, we can get there, and if you have a specific need – just ask!

We can also work with you to develop a preventative maintenance schedule so that your building maintenance is never neglected in the future. If you’ve never used a rope access company before, you will notice a significant cost saving over the other methods in the industry.

Once you get a quote from us, you will see that rope access is the most cost effective and thorough way of handling building maintenance in those high, low, or hard to reach areas without ever inconveniencing you during the process.

Call us on 0800 433 4788 or email info@globeropeaccess.co.uk
and let us help with your Exterior Building Maintenance