Bird Proofing at Height

Birds can be a nuisance to your building, whether it’s pigeons in the City or even seagulls which find their way into Central London!

If you’ve got a pigeon or seagull problem, we can help by bird proofing your building quickly and effectively. This includes netting, spikes or anything else that will keep the pigeons and any other birds away from your signage, sills and lighting.

The birds will make a mess on the window sills and ledges or they might set up nests in your roof; simply allowing the birds to keep doing as they have been will result in building problems for you down the road; it’s best that your building is bird proofed as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

Our team of specialist abseilers can install spikes and other bird deterrants to any area on the building where the birds are residing, quickly and cost effectively.

We can also install exclusion nets to low level areas such as light wells, plant rooms, signage or anywhere else to avoid them landing, nesting, or anything else. It’s particularly important that building managers take birds into account because a single bird can do serious damage to wiring and cables if they are left to their own devices.

There are several options when it comes to Bird Proofing.

  1. Buy bird proofing equipment and do it yourself
  2. Call a bird proofing specialist company
  3. Call Globe Rope Access

Do-it yourself is fine on the ground but it’s not really an option when it comes to safety at height.

A bird-proofing company will either use scaffolding (very expensive) or get a rope access company like Globe Rope Access to do the work in any case.

So, the best solution is to get a professional rope access company with the knowledge to deal with your bird problem.

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