High Rise Window Cleaning

Getting your high rise windows washed and clean should be very straightforward and simple – with us, it is! Our IRATA certified rope access window cleaning team can get to even the ‘hardest-to-reach’ windows. We’re not limited by scaffolding, lifts or the height of a cherry picker.

The Fastest Commercial Window Cleaning Solution

The day we arrive is the day we start window washing.

Our team will be safely anchored into the roof using eyebolt anchor points as required and quickly descend down your high rise building, washing every window you have on every level, using safe rope access techniques. All of the technicians are trained and certified commercial abseilers.

We come with ourselves, rope, anchors, and handheld equipment. That’s it. What this means for you is significant cost savings and highly skilled abseiling professionals taking care of the window cleaning so that your employees and customers can enjoy the view from the tenth floor, the twentieth floor or even higher!

Call us on 0800 433 4788 or email info@globeropeaccess.co.uk
to discuss your High Rise Glass Window Cleaning